Future expansion

With the costs of business continuing to grow, we are committed to helping our customers remain competitive within their fields by investing in projects to help maintain or reduce their expenses whilst improving the service we are able to offer.

We are currently working on the below projects that are at different stages aimed to help achieve this.

Installing a new PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system that will allow greater control over our engine room and storage rooms.

It will allow us to monitor componentry within each room and improve our data logging and reporting.

Land on the Doyle's road site ( 3 ) that can be made up of chiller or freezer to cater for another 12,000 pallet spacers.




In January 2020, JDK Management settled on the acquisition of a cold storage facility at 640 Doyles Road, Shepparton. The site comprised an approximate six-acre landholding (since expanded to approximately eight acres) with an estimated pallet capacity of 3,600, which has since been expanded to 6,000* pallets with the construction of two new 1,200 pallet cool rooms.


A portion of the SMYTHE STREET site has also been identified as having room to construct a new cool store facility with an approximate capacity of 3,500 pallets.